President Donald Trump on Monday, Aug. 10, accused Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of causing the CCP Virus (coronavirus) pandemic again, while he called on American people to “stop politicizing” the virus outbreak.

“We must stop politicizing the virus, and instead be united in our condemnation of how this virus came to America, how this virus came to the world,” President Trump said after he took the podium for a press conference on the CCP Virus pandemic.

“And we’re going to figure it out and we’re going to find out and we’re very angry about it,” the president continued.

The press conference was abruptly interrupted as a Secret Service agent informed the president of a shooting outside the White House and escorted him from the briefing room.

After returning minutes later, President Trump continued to discuss CCP Virus issues, blaming the Chinese Communist Party for the pandemic, which has caused 730,000 deaths worldwide, including more than 160,000 in the United States as of Aug. 10. 

“We are upset with China because of what they did,” the president said, suggesting that the CCP “released” the virus into the world. 

“This was released into Europe and it was released into the U.S., and it was released all throughout the world, but it was not released into China,” he said.

President Trump said that there are “encouraging signs” in the United States, with the rate of new cases continuing to decline in Florida and Texas as well as hospitalizations.

“I do want to say that at the end of a very short period of time, we will be in good shape in this country,” he said.

The CCP Virus first emerged in Wuhan, China, in late 2019, but the CCP held back information about the lethal virus as well as the risk of its human-to-human transmission, leading to the wide spreading of the disease.

In the early days of the virus, President Trump took swift action to stop travel from China to stem the spread to the United States in January and enhanced airport screenings to help stop cases from coming into the country as long as possible.

In February, when the Democrats had made not a single mention of the CCP Virus or even the threat of China, the president in his State of the Union address pledged to “take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from the virus.”

To trace and combat the virus, the Trump administration has set out to build the world’s best testing system, which has already conducted more than 65 million tests, far outpacing any other country.

However, a number of media outlets and Democrats still accused the Trump administration of failing to act quickly to contain the virus.