President Donald Trump met with the establishment media for the first time since Election Day on Thursday, Nov. 26. 

Mainstream media moved swiftly to declare Democratic candidate Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election despite ongoing lawsuits in crucial battleground states. An overwhelming number of individuals who witnessed voting irregularities and voter fraud have come forward.

However, mainstream media outlets have disregarded allegations of election fraud and even misled the public with false information about a whistleblower. 

“This election was a fraud. They have Biden beating Obama, in Obama’s vote in areas that mattered in terms of the election in swing states. And yet, he’s losing to Obama all over the place. But he’s beating Obama in swing states, which is the states that mattered for purposes of the election,” President Trump told a reporter who asked him about election fraud.

“Look, don’t talk to me that way … You’re just a lightweight. Don’t talk to me that way. I’m the President of the United States. Don’t ever talk to the President that way. OK, I’m going to go with another question … Massive fraud has been found. We’re like a third world country. We’re using computers that can be hacked. How many glitches did they find? Oh, a glitch. Oh, gee, we had a glitch. 5,000 votes. In all cases, the votes switched to Joe Biden.”

President Trump referred to Dominion Voting Systems machines used to count votes in most states across the country. In Michigan, election software “glitches” caused thousands of votes for Trump to be allotted to Biden, and in Georgia, thousands of votes have been found uncounted, most of them were for President Trump. 

The president’s legal team has filed several lawsuits in swing states and gained victories in their effort to fight for election integrity.

The Pennsylvania Senate held a hearing on Wednesday at which the Trump team brought witnesses who outlined significant examples of voter fraud. A Pennsylvania judge has ordered a halt to the election certification pending a hearing on the evidence of election irregularities. 

The Trump legal team also said that the legislatures in Arizona and Michigan would soon hold election-related hearings. Attorneys who work closely with the president’s legal team have filed lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan saying that “massive election fraud” that changed the states’ results in the 2020 election.  

“I gave a long news conference today after wishing the military a Happy Thanksgiving, & realized once again that the Fake News Media coordinates so that the real message of such a conference never gets out. Primary point made was that the 2020 Election was RIGGED and that I WON!” President Trump tweeted.

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