President Donald Trump released the National Action Plan to Combat Trafficking in Persons, redoubling efforts to end the crime in the United States.

Through this plan, President Trump doubled the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) funds established by previous administrations to combat human trafficking and prioritizes funds to improve state prosecutions and efforts, the White House said on Oct. 20. 

The results of the fight against human trafficking show that during fiscal year 2019, federal agencies initiated more than 1,600 new investigations against human traffickers.

In addition, the DOJ’s human trafficking task forces opened more than 2,500 cases in states and localities across the United States. 

Among other actions President Trump signed an executive order on Combating Trafficking in Persons and Child Exploitation Online in the United States in January, when it also recognized the 20th anniversary of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. 

The importance President Trump places on eliminating these crimes led him to sign nine bipartisan laws to combat human trafficking, both domestically and internationally.

Attorney General William Barr referred to the threat posed by human traffickers, announcing a $100 million fund to combat them. 

“Human traffickers remain a serious threat to human rights around the world and their actions pose a grave danger to public safety right here in our own country,” Barr said, as reported by the Justice Department. 

Barr continued, “I am proud that these resources help our law enforcement officers and victim service providers hold perpetrators accountable and give the victims of these heinous crimes a place to go for shelter and support.”

The scale of human trafficking is such that an estimated 40 million human beings are being exploited and enslaved around the world. 

Polaris and the International Justice Mission are two of the groups actively working for the liberation of these people. 

Polaris seeks to reach out to those who are victims of sex or labor trafficking to offer them some help in ending the abuse, and tries to prevent future cases of this type of scourge, according to the Daily Signal. 

For Jaco Booyens, a leader against trafficking in sexually exploited people, President Trump and his administration are the most effective against human trafficking, when compared to past presidents, even with what former President Barack Obama has done.

“Not only did he do more to try to address the problem, but he also did active work, where there are rescues, where he has empowered ICE,” Booyens said on the program “Life, Liberty, and Levin,” hosted by Fox News on Aug. 11, 2019.

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