President Donald Trump on Tuesday afternoon arrived in Monaca in Beaver County to visit Shell’s Pennsylvania Petrochemicals facility that expects to be completed soon.

The president showcased endeavors to make use of western Pennsylvania’s natural gas deposits for making plastics from gas.

President Trump remarked, “This is a plant like no other, it’s just incredible,” during a tour of the facility.||7edbff890__

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The president announced that the complex would open in phases “over the next six, seven months.” And then “over the next year and a half, it’ll be totally open.”

The new facility would provide “tremendous employment right now,” said President Trump, stating the plant would require “workers anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000.”

The president commented on the size of the cranes in operation. “That’s among the largest cranes anywhere in the world. They say number two or number one, they’re not exactly sure. It looks like the biggest one I’ve ever seen,” he said, and continued to tell his enthusiastic audience he has always loved cranes and truck, even as a child of four years old.

President Trump sought to revive the manufacturing sector to create more jobs and give Americans better employment opportunities, as part of his 2016 campaign promise.

He stated that the area is “really excited” about the opening of the facility. He thanked all those who had worked hard and accomplished “a fantastic job” to materialize the company’s plans.

“It’s one of the single biggest construction projects in the nation,” he said. And it was made “possible by clean affordable all American natural gas—powerful, clean natural gas.” He went on to say that “when the wind stops blowing, it doesn’t make any difference.”

The president pointed out some of the downside of big wind farms that not only devalue properties but also kill birds. He emphasized the convenience of having natural gas for a reliable source of energy.

Shell had announced its plans to build the complex in 2012 when the former President Barack Obama was in office.

However, it took the support from the Trump administration for Shell’s plans to materialize today.

President Trump merely reiterated Shell President Gretchen Watkins’ words that the opening would “never” have happened without the support from Trump administration.

“So I’m with you. I’m with you,” said President Trump, as he called upon his audience to remember that, as well as that “Pennsylvania has the best numbers they’ve ever had in the history of the state.”

The president has kept his 2016 campaign promise by supporting the blue-collar workers who helped him carry  Beaver County.

The new facility was built in an area in dire need of an investment boost, as Beaver County is still struggling to recover from the 1980s closure of steel manufacturing plants that raised the unemployment rate to almost 30 percent.

With the support from the Trump administration, local policymakers were keen to embark on this multibillion-dollar construction project.

Shell Company was granted huge tax breaks and received a $10 million site development grant to build the new gas-into-plastic manufacturing facility.

“This is my 13th visit to Pennsylvania during my administration, which is more than any other president to this point in the term,” said President Trump. “I really love Pennsylvania. I went to school in Pennsylvania,” he told his audience.