President Donald Trump pledged to find a cure for cancer and AIDS during a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Aug. 1. 

“We will achieve new breakthroughs in science and medicine,” the president told the crowd.

“I see what they are doing. I see it. They show me. The things we’re doing in our country today,” the president explained in reference to current advances in medical research during his speech, which you can see here

We will be ending the AIDS epidemic shortly in America, and curing childhood cancer very shortly,” he added. 

This is the second time Trump has addressed this issue in a short period of time.

At another rally in June in Orlando, Florida, the president said, “We will push onward with new medical frontiers. We will come up with the cures to many, many problems, to many, many diseases—including cancer and others and we’re getting closer all the time,” The Daily Beast reported

The president also revealed his plans to put astronauts on Mars, in line with his administration’s agenda to put the United States back at the forefront of space exploration. 

During his less than an hour and a half speech, Trump also criticized the Democratic administration in cities in the interior of the country. 

No one has paid a higher price for the far-left destructive agenda than Americans living in our nation’s inner cities,” President Trump said without directly mentioning Baltimore Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings, whose poor management has taken center stage in media attention these days. 

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