“Love me or hate me, you gotta vote for me,” President Donald J. Trump said Thursday night to thousands of rally-goers at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, N.H..

During his campaign-style speech, the president reassured supporters about the strong economy despite some stock market volatility.

“If for some reason, I wouldn’t have won the election in 2016, these markets would have crashed,” said President Trump. “And that’ll happen even more so in 2020.”

President Trump told rally-goers that their financial security depended on his re-election. “See, the bottom line is—you have no choice but to vote for me because your 401K’s down the tubes. Everything is gonna be down the tubes. So, whether you love me or hate me, you gotta vote for me.”


To emphasize this point, the president recollected a story about a successful business entrepreneur, who he didn’t name, visited the White House and—much to his surprise—was there to support President Trump’s re-election.

And this businessman said that there is no choice except to support the president’s reelection because of the positive impact the Trump administration has on the economy.

Speaking to a lively crowd at the August 15 rally, President Trump sought to quell uncertainties about the economy and a three percent drop on Wednesday in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

In the wake of mass shootings in Ohio and Texas this month, President Trump also addressed the underlying issues concerning guns. “We are working very hard to make sure we keep guns out of the hands of insane people and those who are mentally sick and shouldn’t have guns,” he said.

“But people have to remember, however, that there is a mental illness problem that has to be dealt with,” said the president. “It’s not the gun that pulls the trigger, it’s the person holding the gun.”

President Trump stressed the need to focus on mental illness to prevent mass gun violence, instead of on gun control itself. He stated that many cities years ago “closed mental institutions for budgetary reasons.”

“They let those people out onto the street. You probably have your examples up here” in New Hampshire. “I can tell you in New York, they closed so many of them and they let really seriously mentally ill people out on the streets. And you see plenty of them today, even today.”

The president told rally-goers that he wants to re-open mental institutions across the country. “We’re going to have to give major consideration to building new facilities for those in need. We have to do it,” he said.

“And at the same time, we will be taking mentally deranged and dangerous people off of the streets so we won’t have to worry so much about that,” he said during the August 15 New Hampshire rally.

The president wants to set up mental institutions for these “seriously ill people” who are “on the streets.” He noted that it’s a big problem, because “We don’t have those institutions anymore and people can’t get proper care.”

President Trump stated he would not remove the right for law-abiding people. “We can’t make it harder for good, solid law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.”

“We will always uphold the right to self-defense. And we will always uphold the Second Amendment.”