The title of 98-year-old D-Day survivor Ray Lambert’s recently written memoir is “Every Man a Hero.”

When President Donald Trump unexpectedly singled out the heroic Army medic from North Carolina in his speech at the 75th anniversary commemoration of D-Day, Lambert considered it to be a reference all of the men who fought and died on that momentous day.

 The president’s singling out the former soldier came as a complete surprise as the president announced his title, “Army medic Ray Lambert.”

Asked if he was aware that the president was going to single him out at the ceremony, Lambert replied, ”No, I did not know that the president was going to mention my name.

The president detailed Lambert’s extraordinary bravery, loyalty, and devotion to his fellow soldiers as well as his incredible mental and physical resilience in the seminal D-Day battle.||96280af8d__

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“Ray was only 23, but he had already earned three Purple Hearts and two Silver Stars for fighting in North Africa and Sicily.” The president said, “They came to the sector, right here below us. ‘Easy Red’ it was called. Again and again, Ray ran back into the water. He dragged out one man after another. He was shot through the arm. His leg was ripped open by shrapnel. His back was broken.”

Lambert’s extraordinary heroism in repeatedly risking his life to save his fellow soldiers ended only when he passed out from loss of blood. Yet he was still surprised that the president singled him out.

“And I was very surprised when the president did tell my story.” said Lambert. “Yes, I did feel personally good about what he said. But I didn’t take it that it was personally for me. He was talking about the American soldiers that had given their lives at Omaha Beach.”

The president said that Lambert exemplified the courage and sacrifice that allowed the Allies to win World War II. Lambert said that if called, he is ready to serve his country again. He shared some of the personal connections that he feels to t

President Donald J. Trump greets World War II D-Day veteran Ray Lambert at the 75th Commemoration of D-Day, on June 6, 2019, at the Normandy American Cemetery in Normandy, France. (Andrea Hanks/Official White House Photo)

his day.

“Some of the men that are buried here, some of these fellas I knew in 1940. And we trained together in the States and we, some of them here also went through Africa and Sicily, and I knew those men. These men were all my brothers.”

The president then gave a heartfelt salute to the D-Day hero. “Ray, the free world salutes you.”

Lambert shared his feelings about serving in the protection of his country. “To me in my life, being a soldier is one of the best and greatest things that we can possibly do. By being a soldier, you can protect the people you love, your country. And it’s, to me, that’s what I am.”

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