U.S. election data is changing dramatically, and estimates are now more favorable to the re-election of President Donald Trump than for a first-term for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. 

Taking into account the numbers of confirmed states, states under investigation, and those with cases before the courts: “President Trump is winning the 2020 presidential election,” The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft reports on Nov. 10. 

To support his calculations, he looks at the states’ situation most beset by irregularities and fraud claims, such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada. He anticipates that in all of them, Trump will win, once the investigations are over. 

“In spite of all the fraud, the President currently has more roads to win the election than Biden,” said Hoft.

For him, everything depends on the courts recognizing the legal votes denied to Trump and eliminating the illegal ones.

Now the three electoral votes obtained in Alaska bring Trump closer to re-election. 

As the days go by, the tension grows, but the certainty that Americans only want President Trump re-elected as President is absolute.  

Actor Jon Voight, a faithful follower of President Trump, was upset by the “lie” in which Biden claims to be president, with the media’s help.

Voight believes that the nation is beginning its “biggest fight since the Civil War,” according to a video posted on his Twitter account on Nov. 10.

He also calls Biden’s illegal fight for the presidency the “battle of justice against Satan.

“We must fight this corruption that has taken over and fight for the good that seems lost.”

Adding: “Let us give our trust to God and fight now for Trump’s victory because we all know this ballot count is corruption like they are. So let us not back down. Let us fight this fight as if it is our last fight on earth.”

Meanwhile, ballots are surfacing in the trash and otherwise found after disappearing in other ways, such as hidden programs in the computer systems that count them.

Also, testimonies from people who witnessed electoral fraud are coming to light. 

One of the most recent cases is that of a poll worker in Clark County, Nevada, who saw some people, hidden next to a Biden-Harris campaign van, receiving and filling out envelopes of the color of those used for the votes.  

“As I approached, I thought, ‘Those are ballots. I passed by four or five times. The next time I passed, they were putting them in the envelopes. They were putting them in a pink and white envelope,'” she said.

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