The Trump administration announced today that all events scheduled for the next few days on the president’s agenda will be postponed. The decision was made after it was confirmed that both President Trump and the first lady had contracted the CCP Virus.

Trump administration officials are reorganizing to best cover the events the president has scheduled for the next few days. As we head into the final month before the November election, those close to the president will have to virtually reorganize many events for President Trump to participate, while others will be attended by firsthand officials and some will be suspended.

Campaign Manager Bill Stepien said, “While some public events will be taken down, the campaign office remains open, and our nationwide team will continue with our efforts to re-elect President Trump,” according to the Washington Examiner.

In turn, all members of the Trump administration, especially those closest to the president and his entourage, must test themselves and define who can continue their work normally and who should be isolated in the same way that the president and his wife are.

President Trump was scheduled to meet with supporters at his Washington hotel on Friday afternoon, Oct. 2 and then fly to Orlando, Florida, where he would participate in an airport rally. On Saturday, he was scheduled to be in the key state of Wisconsin and a day later would travel to Philadelphia to thank the firefighters’ union for its support.

Sources close to the Washington Examiner reported that figures such as Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle, or even Vice President Mike Pince himself, who draw a huge following, will be looking to replace President Trump in the more central roles.

“Everyone is being tested right now, but I think the travel schedule will be maintained in terms of Don Jr, Kimberly, Eric, Lara, Ivanka,” another figure familiar with the campaign environment told the WE. “I think we need to wait a couple of days on the president’s health, but if he remains good, then I’d expect him to come out this weekend or Monday to talk to the nation. But what that looks like, I don’t know.”

Stepien also reported that all previously announced events involving members of the first family should also be temporarily postponed.

Although the news of President Trump’s infection at this time is not at all timely, the team showed itself whole and willing to continue working with the focus on the re-election, even along with President Trump, although for a few days it will be virtually. 

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