President Trump announced today his participation in negotiating a historic peace agreement between Israel and Sudan, two nations that have conflicted for more than 25 years. The deal becomes the third agreement between Israel and an Arab/Muslim country in less than three months. In all cases, the Trump administration intervened.

According to the White House press release, Israel and Sudan, accompanied by the United States, announced the beginning of a path to live together in peace and normalize their relations in another historic agreement negotiated by the Trump administration.

At a press conference at the White House Oval Office, President Trump said that there would be “many more peace agreements in the Middle East.”

In the coming weeks, both countries will begin negotiations on cooperation agreements in various areas and strategic points such as agriculture, economy, trade, aviation, immigration issues, and other mutually beneficial issues.

The historic peace agreement is the third signed by Israel in less than three months with neighboring countries. It follows similar agreements signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Trump administration facilitated all.

This agreement also marks a historic milestone for the people of Sudan and their new transitional government.

Sudan suffered for decades under a brutal Islamist dictatorship that supported and encouraged terrorism and state violence.

Now democracy is being established, and such agreements are its consequences.

As Fox News recalled, Sudan is on a difficult road to pure democracy.

After a popular uprising last year, the military overthrew the longtime dictatorial leader, Omar al-Bashir. A military-civilian group currently governs the country and has announced possible elections by the end of 2022.

Trump said Sudan had shown a commitment to fighting terrorism. “This is one of the great days in the history of Sudan,” Trump said.

The press release added that the United States welcomes this vital progress by the people of Sudan and stands ready to support them in their work to build a better future for themselves and future generations.

President Trump telephoned his counterparts in Israel and Sudan and invited them to attend the conference remotely from the Oval Office.

“Three months ago, no one thought this was possible. Even Bibi didn’t know if this was possible, right, Bibi?” Trump asked Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“It is a new world,” Netanyahu said on the phone. “We are cooperating with everyone. Building a better future for all of us.”

President Trump said that other countries would also be interested in participating in similar agreements. Trump said that even Iran, the most troubling case in the Middle East, will normalize relations with Israel “someday.”

“HUGE win today for the United States and for peace in the world. Sudan has agreed to a peace and normalization agreement with Israel! With the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, that’s THREE Arab countries to have done so in only a matter of weeks. More will follow!” President Trump wrote in a press release.

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