Fox News personality and former White House press secretary Dana Perino floated the idea of a “second task force” focused on reopening the country for business and President Donald Trump seemed to like the idea.

“I think we need a 2nd task force assembled at direction of POTUS to look ahead to the reopening of the economy,” Perino tweeted on Friday. “Made up of a nonpartisan/bipartisan mix of experts across industry sectors, so that we have their recommendations & plan—let 1st task force focus on crisis at the moment.”

“Good idea Dana!” the president tweeted on Saturday.

President Trump repeatedly expressed his desire to reopen the country’s economy as soon as possible, stressing, “The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself.”

The president has suggested opening parts of the country that have been less affected by the CCP Virus (coronavirus). “We can do two things at one time,” he said.

While mainstream media is criticizing the president, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich offered a completely different angle. 

“This is a profound misunderstanding of the necessary connection between healthy Americans and a healthy economy,” Gingrich wrote in an op-ed for Fox News, referencing to news media when he said it “would like to pit economic recovery against public health.”

“Even in the direst health emergency, a large part of the economy must function. Without electricity, water, sewage, trucked-in supplies, groceries, etc., the entire health system would collapse. The loss of life would be far greater,” he said .

Gingrich proposed a series of solutions for the administration to fight the spread of the virus while bringing the economy back on the track.

“A similar Task Force for Economic Recovery, Job Creation and Prosperity needs to be established. In coordination with the public health-focused task force, this new team should focus every day on reopening the economy, solving bottlenecks and developing policies for more rapid, dynamic economic growth,” Gingrich suggested.

Gingrich said that the public health task force should focus on “what we can do in the economy instead of only looking at what we can’t do,” noting that there is fewer cases of CCP Virus in South and North Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, Alaska, Nebraska, Montana, and Hawaii where the economy could be opened with strict measures put in place to protect healthy people.

“If Walmart, Target, Costco, McDonald’s, CVS, the major grocery stores, etc., all developed sound protocols for checking on the virus and for keeping people safe, a significant part of the American economy could begin to reopen almost everywhere except in the most infected areas,” he continued.

He advised that Vice President Mike Pence’s team should establish an electronic learning working group that helps American learn online about new testing systems, therapies, rules for reopening the economy, and how to stay safe when they get back to work.

“Unlocking a locked-up and closed-down economy is a lot more complicated than simply increasing the incentives in an otherwise healthy, functioning economy,” he said.