Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) was among a dozen U.S. senators who visited the U.S. southern border with Mexico on Friday, July 19. The group toured detention facilities where hundreds of migrant families, including women and children, are being held in tight-packed conditions.

Upon Sen. Schumer’s return, President Trump posted on Twitter, “Senator Chuck Schumer has finally gone to the Southern Border with some Democrat Senators. This is a GREAT thing! Nearby, he missed a large group of Illegal Immigrants trying to enter the USA illegally. They wildly rushed Border Patrol. Some Agents were badly injured.”

Trump continued, “Based on the comments made by Senator Schumer, he must have seen how dangerous & bad for our Country the Border is. It is not a ‘manufactured crisis,’ as the Fake News Media & their Democrat partners tried to portray. He said he wants to meet. I will set up a meeting ASAP!”

President Trump was referring to an incident that occurred on Friday, during which a group of migrants rushed a bridge, seeking to overpower border agents near McAllen, Texas. The migrants were ultimately pushed back during the confrontation.

While Democrats half-heartedly supported President Trump’s funding request to increase border security and stem the tide of illegal immigration across the U.S.-Mexico border, it seems they want to make the conditions at the border a partisan issue. Democrats are preparing to portray President Trump as callous and inhumane, while the president addresses difficult border conditions that existed well before he assumed office.  

Schumer, likewise, took to Twitter, late on Friday, to say, “What we saw today in facilities at the southern border was unbearable, inhumane, heartbreaking. Migrants and families and kids coming to America searching for a better life CANNOT be treated this way. This is not who we are. This must end. Now.”

While Democrats have been slow to recognize that conditions at the U.S.-Mexico border are indeed dire, they now see border security and treatment of migrants as an important political issue for 2020. It appears Democrats are being careful to use the crisis for their own political purposes and seek to address border conditions on their own terms. 

Schumer and other Senate Democrats have introduced a new bill called the “Stop Cruelty to Migrant Children Act,” which aims to end the separation of children from parents and ensure improved conditions and safety standards for children attempting to cross the border. The Democrats’ trip intends to promote that bill.