President Donald Trump stopped to speak with the press on the White House South Lawn as he was about to board Marine One bound for Air Force One departing for Iowa where the president will attend multiple events.

The president was asked about comments from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden who said that the president’s policies represented an existential threat to the United States. The president responded in similarly strong terms.

“Well I heard Biden, who is a loser, I mean look, Joe never got more than 1 percent except Obama took him off the trash heap and now it looks like he’s failing. It looks like his friends from the left are going to overtake him pretty soon. But I heard, you know his whole campaign is to hit Trump. You look at what the Obama administration did in terms of the military, in terms of security, in terms of other nations, in terms of almost everything, much of it now fortunately for everybody here has been overturned.” the president said.||2641f87e0__

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The president also addressed comments that Biden has made about China where Biden said that China is not a threat to the United States. President Trump is the first world leader to have actively taken a stand against China and has considered it a top priority.

“Joe Biden thought that China was not a competitor of ours. Joe Biden is a dummy. Joe Biden thought China was not a competitor. China made five hundred billion dollars over a short period of time against Obama, Biden and for many, many years in all fairness to them. China is a major competitor and right now China wants to make a deal very badly. It’s me right now that’s holding up the deal. And we’re going to either do a great deal with China or we’re not doing a deal at all. Right now, China is paying us billions and billions of dollars. They never gave us 10 cents and China ate our country alive during Obama and Biden. They ate us alive.”

The president then referenced financial dealings that Biden’s son Hunter has with China.

“And then Biden has some kind of relationship financially or his son with China. Tell me about that. Because China ate the United States alive economically and it’s a shame.” said the president.

Author Peter Schweizer’s New York Times best-selling book, “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends” has been named the fourth best book exposing political corruption of all time, according to Book Authority.

Schweizer’s book details that while Joe Biden was still vice president he was having discussions with Chinese officials, including then Chinese leader Hu Jintao that were aimed at building closer ties between the Chinese communist regime and the Obama administration.

While these discussions with the Chinese regime were ongoing, Biden’s son Hunter traveled with Vice President Biden on Air Force Two to China. As Joe Biden was engaged in discussions that were of vital interest to the Chinese communist regime, the regime’s state owned Bank of China invested in Hunter Biden’s small new private equity firm to create a 1 billion dollar fund.

President Trump explained his administration’s approach to the Chinese regime.

“Look, we had a deal with China and then they went back on the deal. They said we don’t want to have four major points, five major points. So we changed but we had a deal with China. And unless they go back to that deal I have no interest. Right now we’re taking in billions and billions of dollars. I’ve created something. What we’ve done in the last two and a half years, we’ve picked up 14 trillion dollars in net worth of the United States and China has gone down probably by 20 trillion. There’s a tremendous gap. When I came in, that gap was getting very close.” said the president.