President Trump wrapped up the campaign trail with a final rally in Grand Rapids Mich., at midnight Nov. 2, and despite the freezing temperature, the huge crowd gave him a warm welcome.

His last rally for 2020, held at an airport hangar close to the Gerald R.Ford International Airport, was filled with thousands of people, some had been waiting for more than 12 hours. Others had to leave their cars more than a mile away and had to walk the distance.

The president was full of confidence, throwing MAGA hats to the crowd.

“We’re gonna win the state of Michigan so easily,” he said, ignoring recent polls that put Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden ahead.

In 2016, Grand Rapids was also the final stop of his campaign, “This was our final night prior to a very, very big victory,” President Trump told the crowd. “We’re going to have another beautiful victory tomorrow.”

Joe Biden, who was campaigning in Pennsylvania, was also predicting a win for himself during a rally of about 250 cars in the parking lot of Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. “I have a feeling we’re coming together for a big win tomorrow,” said Biden.

Sean Hannity, the host of “Hannity” on Fox, said on Monday night Nov. 2, that Democrats are in a “full-fledged panic” after the massive crowds the president drew to his rallies across the upper Midwest over the past few days.

Hannity said, “Insiders within the Democratic Party have pointed to what is a significant, dramatic polling decline that started after the second debate and has gone on all weekend long. Minorities and young people … in record-breaking numbers seem to be breaking for Donald Trump. Older people that were cautious on COVID [the CCP Virus] are now returning to the Trump camp as well.”

Hannity was emphatic, “Full-fledged panic has set in, and the reason, I have been told by Democrats—I actually have sources within the Democratic Party—they are watching the size and the magnitude and the passion and enthusiasm of every single Donald Trump rally, and it has them rocked to their inner core.

“Every Democratic operative in the country is like, ‘What did we just do?’ And, by the way, it has now dawned on all of them that President Trump can absolutely win Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan again.”

“I can tell you this, Donald Trump absolutely can get re-elected,” he said. “What does it mean for we the people? It means we cannot control the outcome of what the polls are. You can control doing your part. That means all of you voting, that means participating in the election.

“You don’t want Biden’s socialist hellhole and you don’t want the loss of freedom and you don’t want the destruction of capitalism and you don’t want amnesty and you don’t want the Supreme Court packed and you don’t want four additional Democratic senators. Every one of you need to do your part and vote, and President Trump is doing his part obviously.”

The president is planning to spend election night at the White House.

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