“To be successful, we need a commitment of every nation represented in this chamber. Acting together, we can replace the horrors of war with the blessings of safety and the beautiful promise of peace,” President Donald J. Trump told members of the United Nations Security Council today in New York. President Trump chaired this morning’s briefing on counterproliferation—the 8,362nd meeting of the Council.

Nations of the world have long recognized the danger of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. Under President Trump’s leadership, the United States and its allies have taken bold action to confront the worldwide threat to international peace and security posed by such weapons:

  • Holding the Syrian regime accountable: Earlier this year, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom launched precision strikes on targets associated with Syria’s chemical weapons capabilities.
  • Standing up to Iran: President Trump withdrew America from the Iran nuclear deal and began reimposing sanctions to ensure the Iranian regime is permanently denied all paths to a nuclear weapon.
  • Working to denuclearize North Korea: President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held a historic summit in Singapore in June. North Korea has not conducted a nuclear test in more than a year or a missile test in 10 months.

“Many of us are rightly focused on the dangers of nuclear weapons, but we must never forget the risk posed by biological and chemical weapons,” the President said today. “The United States was one of the first nations to unilaterally renounce the use of biological weapons and since World War I we have led international efforts against the scourge of chemical warfare.”

For generations, world leaders and diplomats came to the United Nations with the same noble goal, President Trump said: “to build a future worthy of the patriots . . . who sacrificed their lives for our nation.”

How America is fighting to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction

Source: White House

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