President Donald Trump blasted leftist protesters for attacking people who took part in the Million MAGA March on the streets of Washington on Saturday, Nov. 14 to support him.

“ANTIFA SCUM ran for the hills today when they tried attacking the people at the Trump Rally, because those people aggressively fought back. Antifa waited until tonight, when 99% were gone, to attack innocent #MAGA People. DC Police, get going—do your job and don’t hold back!!!” President Trump said in a series of tweets. 

Earlier in the day, thousands of Trump supporters had gathered in D.C. for a rally supporting the president and demanding a fair election with chants of “U-S-A,” “Trump 2020!” and “Stop the steal.” President Trump himself visited the event.

But as the sun went down, tension flared up when antifa activists and Black Live Matter (BLM) protesters assaulted the president’s supporters who tried to make their way to their vehicles. Some of them were brutally attacked. 

“Human Radical Left garbage did this. Being arrested now!” President Trump tweet with a video showing a man hit from behind while others kicked his head—the video now is censored by Twitter. 

Another video showed BLM protesters harassed a family of black women—one who wore pro-Trump jacket as she was pushing a baby stroller through BLM Plaza.

For days, anarchist and anti-fascist groups planned counterprotests to overwhelm Trump supporters at the Million MAGA March. Videos showed them holding signs that read: “Punch MAGA in the face,” shouting at families, hurling eggs at Trump supporters, stealing hats and banners and harassing elderly people. 

President Trump also slammed Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) for not “doing her job.”

“Radical Left ANTIFA SCUM was easily rebuffed today by the big D.C. MAGA Rally crowd, only to return at night, after 99% of the crowd had left, to assault elderly people and families. Police got there, but late. Mayor is not doing her job!” he tweeted.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department and U.S. Park Police, over 20 people were arrested and at least two police officers were injured on Saturday. 

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