The president announced his administration’s plan to distribute 150 million rapid tests for the CCP Virus nationwide on Monday, Sept. 28, in the White House Rose Garden, the Daily Caller reported.

Trump said, “In a short period of time, my administration has built the most advanced testing system in the world. There has never been anything like this. When the pandemic struck there were zero tests for the China virus but marshaled all of America’s resources to have achieve these unparalleled capabilities. We slashed red tape and approved emergency use authorizations for 243 types of tests.”

Trump’s plan is to send 100 million tests to each state and territory based on population size alone. In addition, 18 million tests will be sent to nursing homes, 15 million to residential facilities for people with disabilities, 10 million to hospices and 1 million to universities in black communities and tribal nations.

Adm. Brett Giroir, the Trump administration’s coronavirus testing czar, said, “Governors have the flexibility to use these tests as they deem fit, but we strongly encourage governors to utilize them in settings that are uniquely in need of rapid low-tech point of care tests.”

Unlike the technology initially used at the start of the pandemic in March, where tests needed to be taken to a laboratory and results took more than a day, these rapid tests are portable and results are in minutes, the president explained.

The United States has conducted 100 million tests and is the country that has conducted the most tests in the world and therefore the number of reported infections is higher than other countries with lower testing capacity. The second country is India with 50 million fewer tests than the United States.

Although the Trump administration mobilized the country’s private sector, military, and resources to fight the pandemic, which the president said is unheard of since World War II, and was the second country to close the borders with China after Taiwan, mainstream media along with Democrats have consistently criticized Trump for his response to the pandemic, holding it responsible for deaths from the CCP Virus. 

Nevertheless, whatever good things President Trump does for Americans, Democrats and mainstream media will always say it is wrong and attack him and people who support him, which really means attack the core values of the United States of America.