New York City experienced another weekend of violence and death. President Trump reacted with a message via his Twitter account to Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, “Law and Order. If @NYCMayor  can’t do it, we will!”

According to the Fox News report, at least five people were killed as a result of the gun violence in New York City over the weekend by Sunday, Aug. 16. While statistics show that shootings continue to increase on the streets of the big city, the total number so far this year has risen to 888 armed clashes, compared to only 488 during the same period in 2019.

The New York Police Department told FOX News there were shots fired in all districts this weekend, with 32 shooting incidents on Friday and Saturday, eight times more than during the same weekend in 2019. There were also 43 gunshot victims, more than 10 times more than during the same weekend in 2019.

The situation of violence and panic in the city is prompting calls from different sectors for a new public security plan to keep the streets safe. Such is the case of Brooklyn County President Eric Adams: “I’m not seeing the level of urgency that should come from the city when you have a high level of violence,” the Democrat told Fox News referring to the few measures that Mayor de Blasio would be taking. 

The New York City Police Union also showed its discontent through a Twitter statement: “The reasons aren’t complicated. Our city politicians have demonized us at every turn and in the process stripped us of necessary tools to get guns off the streets.”

The media is also turning against the Democratic mayor. The New York Post ran a strong headline that said, “We need someone to run for mayor who will save New York.” The article begins by saying: “There’s no denying it: The city’s in trouble. Big trouble. Mayor Bill de Blasio is now a lame-duck figurehead.”

But the mayor’s press secretary, Bill Neidhardt, noted that Trump sent his tweet hours after retweeting a pundit who said Democratic cities should be left to rot. “The only thing rotten is Trump’s mind,” Neidhardt tweeted in response.

Former New York Police Lt. Dr. Darrin Porcher argues that the $1 billion cut in city law enforcement, coupled with political apathy to resolve the issue, is the obvious result of the public insecurity the city is experiencing today reported FOX5NewYork

Patrick Lynch, the president of the New York Police Union, met with President Trump at the White House on July 31. In his remarks, he said, “In our city, we are going through a difficult time. We have a progressive mayor who is against the police; the city council who is against the police; and the State House is anti-police. They’re changing the laws and it’s becoming impossible to do our job,” according to the NY Post.

The mayor is only acting on the demands of the left

After George Floyd’s death, a wave of violent demonstrations broke out demanding equal rights of race and disempowerment of the police force. 

The latter demand was well received by Democratic rulers across the country. They began a process of cutbacks and transfer of funds leading to a defunding of police forces that, in many cases, made possible an exponential increase in crime and violence in the streets. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged in June to transfer an unspecified amount of the NYPD’s $6 billion annual budget to “youth initiatives and social services,” saying, “Vigilance is important, but investments in our youth are critical.” According to Fox News, in July the mayor kept his promise and made the $1 billion cut official.

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