The Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) have been raising alarms in recent days about a crisis at the southern border, going so far as to call the holding facilities “concentration camps.”

President Trump stopped to speak with the media before departing for the G-20 Summit in Osaka, Japan, where he has a wide range of crucial international issues to address.

The president said he has been speaking with politicians on both sides regarding the border situation, urging them to pass a bill that will allow humanitarian aid, particularly for the children who have been brought through the southern border.

“I just spoke with Nancy Pelosi and we had a good conversation having to do with the bill; humanitarian aid at the border for the children mostly. And we are moving along very well with a bipartisan bill in the Senate. Spoke with Mitch, spoke to a lot of people. We’re doing very well. It’s very far along and I believe the house is going to also be getting together with the Senate. Hopefully they can get something done. It’s humanitarian aid it’s very important.” said the president.||d9dcbf98e__

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President Trump has long spoken about a crisis at the border as increasing numbers of migrants from Mexico as well as Central America have been traveling to the Southern border in hopes of crossing over illegally and finding work due to the job availability as a result of the strong U.S. economy.

Since 2018, large caravans of migrants from Central America have been traveling to the United States, passing through Mexico largely unimpeded. 

The president is on record on multiple occasions saying that this was creating a crisis at the border as immigration and border patrol cannot handle the large numbers of people. He said that the crisis was not only a problem for the United States but was dangerous to particularly women and children who were undertaking the long journey to the border.

The president said, “I think that a lot of people are starting to realize that I was right when I said we have a crisis at the border. Everyone’s saying now we have a crisis at the border. It wasn’t a manufactured crisis, which they were saying. It wasn’t manufactured at all. We have a crisis at the border. We can solve the problem if they would change some of the rules and regulations; change asylum, change so many different things. The loopholes in particular could be done very quickly and you wouldn’t have this problem. I’ve been saying it for a year and a half.”

President Trump boards Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House, on June 26, 2019, after speaking with the media, to begin his trip to the G-20 Summit in Japan. (Joyce N. Boghosian/Official White House Photo)

The president has repeatedly demanded that Mexico implement their border laws at their own southern border and stop the flow of illegal immigration through Mexico to the United States. After Mexico had been reluctant to take stronger action, President Trump threatened tariffs against Mexico. Negotiations soon followed and Mexico has now increased the number of soldiers at their southern border by the thousands.

When President Trump initially said there was a crisis at the border Democrats called it a “manufactured crisis.” As the flow of immigration across the southern border may decrease due to Mexico’s recent actions, the Democrats have now focused on the large number of illegal immigrants who have already crossed the U.S. border, overwhelming border and immigration employees as well as overloading the facilities.

The Democrats now say that there is a crisis at the southern border, which the president and Republicans are ignoring and have demanded humanitarian aid for the children who are in harsh conditions at the overwhelmed border facilities. The Republicans said they have been requesting that humanitarian aid for months.

The president also wants humanitarian aid for the children brought over the border, but said that the root causes of the problems must be addressed.

“I’ve been saying you have to change the loopholes you have to change asylum you wouldn’t have this problem. They’re not working on that unfortunately. Today what they’re working on is aid it’s humanitarian aid for the children. It seems that the Senate is very close. I think that Nancy wants to get something done and the senate and the house will get together. I think they’ll be able to do something very good.” said President Trump.

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