President Trump has just been endorsed for re-election by the Michigan Police Officers Association.

Amid the dispute between Republicans and Democrats over what role the police force should play in the riots in major cities and the growing wave of insecurity nationwide, the government received new support from the police forces. 

On July 15, the Trump administration received an expression of support from the National Association of Police Officers, an organization that brings together 241,000 officers nationwide. Ten days later, in an official statement, the Michigan Police Officers Association joined the messages of support.

Police Officers of Michigan… by Craig Mauger on Scribd

James Tignanelli, president of the labor organization and signatory of the note, stated, “President Trump never fails to recognize our homeland security personnel at home and abroad. (…) He supports the police while the previous administration preferred to insult them or to find them guilty without due process.”

The statement added, “At a time when civic leaders are choosing to tolerate televised felonies because a group of people are ‘offended,’ we need real leadership,” Tignanelli added.

The recognition comes on the heels of many Democratic leaders’ support for the demands of protesters calling for the defunding of security forces. Even Joe Biden, who is running for president in the next election, has expressed his support for defunding police departments through a reallocation of funds. 

During an interview with Now This, Biden said that the police are too militarized and that they can “become the enemy” and resolutely proposed that the funds should absolutely be “reallocated” elsewhere. In other words, he suggests that the police should be defunded as crime across the country continues to skyrocket.

The funny thing about this speech is that a few weeks ago Biden said that he did not support the underfunding of the police. In fact, he proposed an increase in funding for police programs.

“Don’t defund police, support reforms,” Biden wrote in an op-ed for USA Today. ” I’m proposing an additional $300 million to reinvigorate community policing in our country. Every single police department should have the money it needs to institute real reforms like adopting a national use of force standard, buying body cameras and recruiting more diverse police officers.”

Twenty days later, leftist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who since May has also been an adviser to the Biden campaign, called for the complete elimination of police department funds throughout the country. Significant cuts would not be enough for AOC. 

The changing course of the Democratic discourse is generating many uncertainties among its detractors but also among its supporters. Such is the case of the National Association of Police Officers, which in the 2008 and 2012 elections had supported the candidacy of Joe Biden, and now supports President Trump while expressing strong criticism of his Democratic opponent.