While some may support the astronomical $100 trillion Green New Deal, feel the world will end in 12 years, or just dangle climate change rhetoric whenever possible, President Donald Trump shared his top priorities and actual environmental accomplishments of his administration at the White House on Monday, July 8.

The president said, “From day one, my administration has made it a top priority to ensure that America has among the very cleanest air and cleanest water on the planet. We want the cleanest air. We want crystal-clean water, and that’s what we’re doing and that’s what we’re working on so hard. … In addition to clean air and clean water, that means being good stewards of our public lands; prioritizing cleanup of polluted lands that threaten our most vulnerable citizens, and threaten them very dearly; and implementing pro-growth policies to unlock innovation and new technologies which will improve American life and America’s environment.”

With a reference to failed Obama administration policies that punished Americans, the president, by contrast, mentioned the creation of 6 million jobs, historically low unemployment with a record 160 million Americans employed and the United States now a net exporter of clean, affordable, American natural gas as well as cleaner water and cleaner air without the Paris Climate Accord.


President Trump said, “The previous administration waged a relentless war on American energy. We can’t do that. They sought to punish our workers, our producers, and manufacturers with ineffective global agreements that allowed the world’s worst-polluting countries to continue their practices. These radical plans would not make the world cleaner; they would just make and put Americans out of work, and they put them out of work rapidly. They move production to foreign countries with lower standards—our companies were forced to do that, and they didn’t want to do that — and they drive up the price of gas and electricity at home, and drive it to levels that are literally unaffordable …

And then the president said, “And today, the United States is ranked—listen to this—number one in the world for access to clean drinking water—ranked number one in the world. One of the main messages of air pollution—particulate matter— s six times lower here than the global average. So we hear so much about some countries and what everyone is doing. We’re six times lower than the average. That’s a tremendous number … Every single one of the signatories to the Paris Climate Accord lags behind America in overall emissions reductions. Who would think that is possible? For this reason, in my first year in office, I withdrew the United States from the unfair, ineffective, and very, very expensive Paris Climate Accord.”

Finally, the president showcased environmental progress in the Florida Everglades with toxic algae and a satisfied local business owner.

The president said, “People are very happy about it in the Florida Everglades. We’re restoring the ecosystems in the Everglades. And I also signed legislation authorizing $100 million to fight red tide—a big problem that some people don’t know about but, when you do know about it, that means trouble because it is bad—and other toxic algae that damages coastal areas. It’s causing tremendous havoc, and we have a way of straightening it out, and we’ll get it done. We’re joined today by Bruce Hrobak, owner of Billy Bones Bait ‘N Tackle in Port St. Lucie—a place I know very well—Florida. His business was devastated by toxic algae from Lake Okeechobee.”

Hrobak said, “I’m a licensed charter boat captain and I’ve done it since I was 25 years old and I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to speak. Thank you for everything you’re doing sir. I speak for so many people and you bring my heart to warmth for everything you’re doing all the way around.”

“Mr. President Trump, sir, I speak for so many people. You bring my heart to warmth for everything you’re doing all the way around.”

Includes reporting from WhiteHouse.gov.

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