At his inauguration on Jan. 20, newly elected President Joe Biden emphasized he wants to be a president for all people, no matter your political belief. He hopes to bring healing to the country.

Yet on his very first day in office, he began ruffling feathers by signing executive orders that hardly seemed designed to unify the people.

One that stands out, in particular, is sure to widen the wedge between the left and right, and it is the order mandating the transgender agenda, as reported by the Daily Signal.

The order states: “Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports.

“People should be able to access health care and secure a roof over their heads without being subjected to sex discrimination.”

This means that boys who identify as girls can enter girls’ athletic events, and men who identify as women can now enter women-only areas, gender transition procedures are to be paid for by health care plans, and doctors and hospitals are required to carry out the procedures.

Women’s sports will never be the same.

According to Ryan Anderson from the Daily Signal, These differences do not have to do with how people choose to “identify.” They have to do with what men and women are: males or females of the human species.

”Through litigation and legislation, we need to make it clear that it’s lawful to act on the convictions that we are created male and female, and that male and female are created for each other, that no institution has to let males compete against females in sports, that no institution has to allow males into women-only locker rooms and shelters, that no physician has to engage in so-called gender-affirming care.”

The new order Biden signed will prohibit schools from denying LGBT people the use of lockers, bathrooms, and the choice to be on either male or female sports teams.

On Monday, Jan. 25, the executive order extended to the military, which has repealed President Trump’s ban of transgender people openly serving in the U.S. military, giving protection for transgender people.

Biden said lifting the ban will allow for a more effective military.

“America is stronger, at home and around the world, when it is inclusive,” the White House said in a statement. “The military is no exception.”