New members of the Biden administration could be in for a rude awakening should they have an off day and make disparaging remarks to a co-worker.

President Biden told new aides during a swearing-in ceremony following his inauguration on Wednesday, Jan. 20, “If you’re ever working with me, and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot,” he repeated, “On the spot.”

He is hoping to eradicate systemic racism, he told them, and they needed to meet his level of decorum, otherwise lose their position at the White House instantly, as reported by Fox News.

“My dad used to have an expression: He said everyone, every single person, regardless of their background, is entitled to be treated with dignity,” Biden said. “I expect you to do that for all the folks you deal with, all the folks we work for, the American people.”

“No ifs, ands or buts—everybody, everybody is entitled to be treated with decency and dignity,” Biden concluded during his remarks on Wednesday. “That’s been missing in a big way for the last four years.”

That’s not to mention Biden’s remarks during his presidential campaign, where he took offense at comments made by former president Trump and said in March 2018, “If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.”

During his inaugural speech on Wednesday, Biden spoke of unifying the nation.

“We can join forces, stop the shouting and lower the temperature,” he said. “For without unity, there is no peace, only bitterness, and fury. No progress, only exhausting outrage. No nation, only a state of chaos. This is our historic moment of crisis and challenge, and unity is the path forward.”