A Florida baby born at just 22 weeks old is home on Monday, Jan. 20, after nearly a year building up his strength in the hospital.

Kresten Mason weighed just 1 pound, was so small he could fit into his mother’s hand when he was born on March 19, 2019, at Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando, FOX 32 Chicago reported.

What followed was a nearly yearlong battle that Kresten triumphantly fought with his loving parents Jennifer and Keegan—there every step of the way.

There was a time doctors thought Kresten wouldn’t make it but he has beaten the odds, according to FOX 32 Chicago.

“There was a period in his life that he got really sick, that we all thought that he wasn’t going to make it,” Dr. Thais Queliz said.

His mother even said her final goodbyes.

“I just remember the nurse saying just hold him because this might be the last time so with that … and look at him now,” Jennifer said.

After a 307-day stay in the hospital, which included multiple surgeries, Kresten has gotten much bigger and finally came home.

His parents said they are thrilled and proud of their tiny fighter.

It’s a blessing Kresten was able to go home, the family said.