President Donald Trump gave a few confident words on his administration’s hiking of tariffs against China in the trade war that is affecting global markets.

The president spoke to reporters outside the White House as he left for Louisiana to deliver remarks on promoting energy infrastructure and economic growth at the Cameron LNG Export Facility.

He said, “We’re having a little squabble with China because we’ve been treated very unfairly for many, many decades.”

“We’re at a very strong position. We are the piggy bank that everybody likes to take advantage of or take from. We can’t let that happen anymore,” President Trump added.

President Trump seems to be very comfortable with his negotiation strategy. He said that while the U.S. economy is “fantastic,” China’s “is not so good.”

“We’ve gone up trillions and trillions of dollars since the election. They’ve gone way down since my election,” he said.

The president is intent on the United States not losing hundreds of billions of dollars in trade negotiations. “Because we’ve been down so low in trade, and other presidents should have done this a long time ago. We can’t just make a good deal [for China]. And I told that to President Xi.”

Summarizing the trade dealings that took place in recent days, President Trump said, “We had a deal that was very close, then they broke it. They really did. I mean more than just renegotiating. They really broke it. So, we can’t have that happen.” 

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