After a crowd of about 150 protesters rioted and damaged the streets of Portland, at least eight members of the antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) movements were arrested.

Among the crimes are damage to federal and private property, such as the Hatfield Courthouse, and possession of a destructive device, police reported according to Fox News on Jan. 21.

Several weapons, Molotov cocktails, knives, batons, chemicals, and an iron bar were also seized.

Protesters were also witnessed carrying pepper ball guns, electronic control weapons (similar to tasers), shields, fireworks, and rocks. 

Similar riots took place in cities such as Seattle, Washington, and Denver, Colorado. In some cases they threw objects at cars, and carried a banner reading “Abolish ICE.” 

Although the demonstrations were announced several days earlier to target supporters of former President Trump, the latter goal was not in evidence.

The Marxist antifa movement, announced “targeted destruction” and “direct action,” in signs it publicized in Seattle, northern California, and Denver, according to Breitbart Jan. 20. 

It is unclear what goals these Marxist groups are pursuing with the recent demonstrations after Democratic President Joe Biden took office, as they were his allies throughout the campaign.

Moreover, according to statements by Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris, antifa and BLM members were part of the long-term agenda in her administration, to promote the strongly leftist “changes” they intended to impose.

For some, the role of the vandals could be to pretend that they are against the current government in order to camouflage the alliance that unites it and to blur the radical leftist ideology that lately characterizes the Democratic Party and that caused great rejection among Americans. 

Biden’s family received billions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), for various concepts, according to the scandalous revelations of the documents found in an abandoned computer of his son Hunter Biden, which would give clues about the possible future they have in store for the country.

Likewise, the partnership of Douglas Emhoff, husband of Vice President Kamala Harris, with a company that represents organizations of the CCP, evidences the proximity to the regime, and could generate conflicts of interest for Harris. 

Emhoff is a partner in the investment services firm DLA Piper, which has been representing CCP companies in the United States and Europe for nearly 30 years and has more than 140 lawyers in its employ, according to National Pulse on Sept. 5.

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