With the lack of response and In the face of the disinterest of Portland’s Democratic authorities to respond to the terrible problems of insecurity and violence that citizens continue to suffer, police officers are pleading with citizens to help “break the cycle of violence” in Oregon City, where shootings and killings have increased exponentially, according to authorities and a local report.

Portland has seen more homicides during 2020 than in nearly three decades, adding to the more than 850 shootings through December, which is more than double the number reported in 2019. Portland police said they will take community action to reduce the gun violence the city is experiencing, due to government inaction that continues as if nothing has happened.

As of Dec. 25, this year’s shootings had surpassed last year’s by more than 116%, with 393 shootings reported in all of 2019, according to statistics.

At least 53 murders were reported in Portland through Christmas, the highest annual total the city has seen in nearly 30 years, local news station KGW8 reported.

On Dec. 16, PPB Chief Chuck Lovell made a public call to citizens on Twitter, telling his followers that the police department and the community “must do everything possible together to break the cycle of violence.”

“Gun violence has plagued our city at twice the rate of last year,” he said. “On average, someone is shot in Portland roughly every two days.”

Lovell said that 2020 has been “a deadly year” for Portland and urged the public “no to lose sight of the fact that these are human beings who have died.”

In July, Oregon City officials disbanded the local Police Gun Violence Reduction Team, a 34-person unit, as part of the city’s police reform and adjustment efforts, in response to demands from far-left groups such as antifa and Black Lives Matter, which held violent demonstrations throughout the year seeking to justly defunding the police. 

The Trump administration repeatedly accused Portland’s Democratic officials of letting the “violent anarchist mob” that stalks the city operate freely.

“The city of Portland has been under siege for 47 consecutive days by a violent mob, while local political leaders refused to restore order to protect their city,” interim Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf said in a July statement, the protests and violence continued and exceeded 100 consecutive days.

On Aug. 31, Wolf sent a letter to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler urging him to seek federal help to end the violence and unrest in the city or his department would be forced to do so on its own, Fox News reported.

Wheeler has repeatedly refused cooperation from federal forces and far from solving the problem, he has implemented security adjustment policies and the situation continues to worsen. Today the chaotic and violent result is a clear reflection of inaction on the part of their rulers.

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