The riots of the left-wing in Portland have not ceased, for weeks the demonstrators have chosen as a point of protest and attack the Palace of Justice, the state Democratic authorities were not decisive against the protests and could not stop them, consequently since the summer the destruction caused in federal buildings amounts to $2.3 million

The rioters repeatedly stormed the courthouse and federal buildings in the area, repeatedly smashing windows and tearing off the protective woodwork on the outside. 

Attempts to enter the building were thwarted by federal forces guarding the buildings, they used tear gas and other crowd control measures to respond to the violent incursions, but have not had the support of the state government to control protesters in the streets and prevent the rioters from reaching the federal buildings.

As reported by Fox News, on Wednesday night, Feb. 10, the protesters decided to change their protest center and headed to the Portland Police Association, and as usual used violence as a method of persuasion. 

“A protest has developed near North Lombard Street and North Campbell Avenue, where participants have tried to break down the door the Portland Police Association,” tweeted Portland Police. “We are monitoring the situation.”

According to a freelance reporter, a large Black Lives Matter (BLM) banner could be seen in front of the building when the daylight protest began.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who frequently reports on these types of demonstrations, posted images of antifa members during that day of protest.

“Overnight in Portland, #antifa shut down downtown roads as they marched for an anti-ICE event. Police did not respond. Approved ‘press’ had to wear arm tags,” Andy Ngo reported from his Twitter account.”

Antifa’s recent protests are focused on targeting police forces and especially Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents whom they have vehemently attacked in recent protests.

In late January, in a series of violent demonstrations staged by Antifa and BLM in which they attacked an ICE facility, rioters could be heard shouting, “No borders! No nations! Abolish deportations!”

No doubt left-wing groups have been looking to pressure President Joe Biden to make good on his promises of looser border control and police disinvestment, and it appears that the pressure is having an effect because the Biden administration is moving forward unabashedly in this regard.

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