For American writer Ann Coulter, the violence that continues to wreak havoc in Portland for more than 50 days is executed by thousands of Antifa members, protected by the Democrats and the media.

On the one hand, the Democrats are failing to protect the citizens and heritage of the cities under their care, while “thousands of black-clad Antifa’s have been wiping out everything in sight,” Coulter said in Townhall on July 22.

On the other hand, media like “MSNBC and CNN invariably show some area of Portland away from the carnage, showing people walking around, the sun shining, and not a single building on fire,” as they report on the “peaceful” protests as they call them, Coulter adds.

As the violence rages in several cities around the country since the death of African-American George Floyd on May 25, the media are not reporting on the violent riots that the federal government is stifling, in the absence of the Democratic Party’s doing its duty.

“In Portland, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Atlanta and elsewhere, children are not only blocked at the school gate, but they are also killed. They are being maimed,” Coulter laments in her brief, which also lists violence against the police.

“Night after night, the ‘peaceful protesters’ have thrown bombs, bricks, frozen water bottles and cement blocks at the Portland police, who are vastly outnumbered. They have fired mortars, marbles, ball bearings, and commercial-grade fireworks at officers, sending dozens of them to hospital,” Coulter said, among other outrages.

Coulter also noted that this is not the first time Democrats, whom she considers the Antifa Party, have opposed federal forces doing their duty to protect the nation.

In 1957, President Dwight Eisenhower had to send troops to promote nonsegregation in a school in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Democrats’ reactions at that time were no different from the claims they are making now with expressions like “overriding the elementary rights,” “military dictatorship,” and “occupied territory.

Not surprisingly, writer and media director Kevin McCullough warns that the Democrats are responsible for Americans’ lives and property lost at the hands of anarchists.

“The most significant threat to our nation right now is the Democrats who are voting to eliminate enforcement and who are, by extension, responsible for the largest and most significant increase in loss of life,” McCullough warns. “They are allowing Marxists and anarchists to create complete chaos and disorder.

They also seem totally unconcerned with any life that matters, whether it be black or white,” apparently driven only by the desire to win the next presidential election.

“This is not the first time Republican presidents have had to deal with Democrats who support terrorism. It probably won’t be the last,” Coulter finally points out.