Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned athletes who will compete in what has been dubbed the “Genocide Olympics” to be held in Beijing, China, next month about the nasty surveillance system they will be subjected to by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

Based on experience, Pompeo describes some deprivations to which the athletes will be subjected, including being forced to surrender some of their belongings during the event, according to one of his tweets on Jan. 12. 

“Olympic athletes must understand the risk in Beijing. The CCP has built the nastiest surveillance state in history & will monitor everything athletes say & do.”

He adds, “Our athletes should leave their phones & laptops at home—like I & my team did—& like the Dutch have been told to do.”

Three days earlier, Pompeo was even more specific about issues the CCP censors, warning in a video about the risk of athletes who do not comply with the CCP’s impositions being held in that territory for an indefinite period. 

“If one of those athletes dares to say—talks about what’s happening with the Uighurs in Western China, talks about the massive human rights violations, talks about Taiwan or Tiananmen Square. If one of those athletes will talk about that in a disparaging it may be that the Chinese communist party decides to we just want to talk to them and keep them here a little bit longer.”

He added, “I would tell them all—they need to understand the risks associated with traveling to the Chinese Communist Party homeland.”

One viewer of Pompeo’s video agreed that the risks of attending China persist, including being taken hostage.

“It is possible the athletes will go to Beijing, but never be seen again. Hostage diplomacy has been used successfully (the two Michaels from Canada), so it should come as no surprise if it’s used again,” expressed user Dr. Winklepecker.

On the other hand, the assignment of Beijing as the host of the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games has caused great unease in the world since the spirit of fraternity that they arouse clashes entirely with the atrocities that the CCP perpetrates against the human rights of millions of its citizens. 

The Uyghur and Tibetan associations raising their protests against this inconsistency have been supported by many other human rights organizations, and even by countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, which have declared a diplomatic boycott of this controversial venue. 

However, these measures are insufficient for several people, such as Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz believes that President Joe Biden should expose the regime’s atrocities and that U.S. companies should not advertise at the Beijing Games. 

“I would do more than a diplomatic boycott,” he said, adding, “I think we go and speak the truth. We go and highlight China’s oppression. We go and tell the world about what’s happening. And that courage is something the Biden administration doesn’t want to do, doesn’t like to do. That courage is something American corporations are terrified to do,” Cruz said.

He added, “I think everything we can do to shine a light on the atrocities of China, on the murder, on the torture, on the genocide, on the concentration camps, I think everything we can do is good and positive.”

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