Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is the keynote speaker at a major event organized by a Christian church in Miami, Florida, on the evening of October 3, just one month before the presidential election.

Having one of the top officials in the Trump administration participate in this event so soon before the presidential election is another demonstration of the president’s strong and unwavering conservative ideals.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is the featured guest at the gala dinner event commemorating the 15th anniversary of the birth of the Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC).

FFPC’s official website says its mission is to fight “for Florida families to protect the unborn, natural marriage, religious freedom, and more.

The annual Gala features a diverse theme around which the presentations during the event revolve.

According to the event’s webpage, the theme chosen for this year will be “Inspiring an Era of Hope.” Individual VIP tickets will cost $500, while an individual dinner ticket will cost $125 with assigned seats. Various donation levels are available with a voluntary contribution of $1,500, gaining a bronze-level. The silver level is for a $3,000 donation, a gold status for $5,000, and the platinum level comes with a contribution of $10,000.

According to AP News, President Trump promised last Wednesday to sign an executive order requiring health care providers to provide healthcare to all live-born babies, without exception. He continues to showcase his pro-life values and reach out to conservative sectors that oppose abortion.

The Trump administration did not release further details of the possible executive order. However, the president’s announcement is not new. He has repeatedly spoken out against abortion and in favor of life.

At the same time, there have been numerous attempts by Republican legislators, who have sought in Washington and other state capitals around the country, to pass legislation that threatens prison for doctors who do not try to save the lives of live-born babies, even during abortions.

Current legislation says that it is not necessarily a crime for a doctor to forgo a sophisticated intervention in cases where fetal abnormalities in the newborn affect the possibility of future survival. It is ultimately up to the practitioner to decide whether or not to perform a practice that could eventually save the child.

Between 2003 and 2014, the United States recorded 143 deaths of live-born babies during late abortion attempts, who did not receive any emergency medical practice to save them.

At the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast that President Trump participated in virtually last week, he said his executive order would ensure that live-born babies, regardless of circumstances, “receive the medical care they deserve. “This is our sacred moral duty,” President Trump added.

Freedom in a democracy allows candidates for any political office to seek out their voters in those sectors, which by ideology or convenience, they wish to represent. Once again, the difference in values between the two primary candidates in the next presidential election is revealed.

Republican candidate and current president, Donald Trump, is defending the values of life and unborn human beings’ rights. In contrast, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden, in his apparent defense of the values of social justice, is providing support to the sectors that were responsible for the destruction, looting, and widespread violence during the demonstrations of recent months throughout the country.

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