“We’re not going to apologize for America anymore,” said U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during his speech at The American Legion 101st National Convention in Indianapolis, on Tuesday, Aug. 27.

‘Celebrating Americanism in our Foreign Policy’ was Pompeo’s theme as he addressed the crowd of American war veterans, and servicemen and women at the convention.

“Americanism is something that we must be proud of,” Pompeo told the legionnaires.

“When it comes to Americanism in our foreign policy for decades, frankly we just plain ignored it,” said Pompeo.

“We didn’t lead” and “we let the bureaucrats and international organizations lead us,” said Pompeo, stating, “We let our allies shun their responsibilities.”

“We pretended our enemies were our friends and sometimes sadly we even appeased them,” continued Pompeo, who asserted that “but those days are over. No more.”

The head of U.S. foreign policy told legionnaires that “Americanism” could no longer be shunned both abroad and at home.


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Pompeo stated that some U.S. leaders consider the concept of “Americanism” to mean “inherent racism or sexism” or “a code word.” But the U.S. chief of foreign policy said, “Americanism is a code word for a narrow-minded nationalism.”

He stated, “Some even want us to reject the founding principles, which have blessed us since 1776,” stating that these individuals even “want to substitute our founders’ words for something else.”

“They’d like us to shun those founding principles, principles that were bestowed on us by God and codified in our Constitution, and properly taught in our school civics courses,” said Pompeo. He continued stating, “They want us to reject the very ideas that are central to understanding” America’s greatness.

“That can’t happen,” uttered Pompeo and he outlined the Trump administration’s foreign policy strategies.

He stated that the Trump administration “didn’t pretend that the Islamic Republic of Iran was a responsible actor in the Middle East.” Pompeo then stated, “We called out China’s bad behavior on trade and on national security.”

As for North Korea, Pompeo said the Trump administration recognized “North Korea’s rogue behavior could not be ignored.”

Pompeo stated that these issues represent the focus of the foreign policy of the Trump administration. They touched the core of America’s founding principles because “Americanism means standing up for our principles, for the American people, and supporting our unalienable rights wherever we go,” Pompeo said.

So, “we’re not going to apologize for America anymore,” reiterated Pompeo, reiterating, “Americanism is something that Americans must be proud of.”

“We’re putting it at the center of our foreign policy,” said Pompeo and “Every one of my diplomats all across the world knows it and is delivering it.”

Tuesday was the sixth day of the convention that involved conferring the American Legion Distinguished Service Medal, posthumously to Republican Sen. John McCain. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine was present to receive the award on behalf of the McCain family.