After the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, General Mark Milley, secretly offered to warn the Chinese communist regime of possible attacks by his country, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo denied that he had reported such talks.

“If in fact he said, ‘We’re not going to attack them until we warn them,’ that’s crazy,” Pompeo stated in an interview with journalist Megyn Kelly according to the Daily Caller on Sept. 29. 

Pompeo continued , “‘We will not attack you until we warn you,’ that’s just nutty. It’s certain that he did not tell [former White House] Chief [of Staff Mark] Meadows or I that because—I don’t know if he told us, he thinks he told us, on the same phone call, but I can promise you that Chief Meadows would have called me immediately and said, ‘Hey, we got a real problem here,'” Pompeo added. 

The former Secretary of State also called Milley’s behavior “deeply inconsistent with his responsibilities.”

Milley’s scandal over these calls to senior Chinese military commanders was uncovered by the leaked book Peril written by authors Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. 

Pompeo added: “I worked with General Milley enough. But if he told Woodward and Costa that he said that, this is something he has to account for, that would be deeply inconsistent with his responsibilities as a senior military advisor … to the president of the United States and it would make no tactical, operational, strategic sense.”

“We didn’t warn our adversaries,” Pompeo clarified, adding, “And we weren’t about warning our adversaries of a potential attack if it was inconsistent with our objectives.”

Amid the scandal that led several personalities to accuse him of treason, Milley testified before a Senate Armed Services Committee that “shortly after my call ended with Gen. Li, I personally informed both Secretary of State Pompeo and White House Chief of Staff [Mark] Meadows about the call, among other topics.”

For its part, National Review noted, “Any president who took his oath seriously would fire him immediately.”

It had previously written, “Any Congress worthy of the name in a democracy would open an investigation of General Milley and push for his removal.”

Likewise, former President Trump maintains that if the facts related by Woodward and Costa are true, it would be a case of treason, according to a telephone conversation shared by Disclose.TV.

“Trump says about General Milley’s report that ‘it’s treason, if true,’ he tweeted. 

Milley’s actions went beyond calls made to Chinese generals on Nov. 30 and Dec. 8, since he also “called the admiral overseeing the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, the military unit responsible for Asia and the Pacific region, and recommended postponing the military exercises. … The admiral complied,” according to National Review.

Additionally, he told his top brass to watch him [then-President Trump] “all the time,” and restricted his access to nuclear codes through system locks, the authors of the book Danger recount. 

They add, “Milley was overseeing the mobilization of America’s national security state without the knowledge of the American people or the rest of the world.”

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