A left-lean new survey has painted an unwelcome picture for Facebook as it indicates three out of four Americans think the social network giant makes society worse.

The latest CNN poll released on Wednesday, Nov. 10, found that 76% of Americans say Facebook makes society worse, only 11% say it makes society better, and 13% say it has no effect either way.

The poll, conducted from Nov. 1-4, surveyed a total of 1,004 American adults via web and phone on the SSRS Opinion Panel, of whom 35% described themselves as Democrats, 29% described themselves as Republicans, and 36% described themselves as independents or members of another party.

In the survey, 44% of Republicans compared to 27% of Democrats say Facebook harms rather than helps U.S. society.

About a third of the participants, including 44% of Republicans and 27% of Democrats, say that Facebook is making American society worse and that Facebook itself is more at fault than its users.

The poll found that 54% say “Yes” and 46% say “No” to a question asking if Facebook suggests posts to them based on their previous activity on the site.

Nearly half of Americans (49%) say they know someone they think was persuaded to believe in a conspiracy theory because of content on Facebook.

Asked how much they trust big tech companies such as Google, Facebook or Amazon do what is best for their users, 66% say they trust a little or not at all, while 34% say they trust somewhat or a great deal.

Regarding parties, 71% of Republicans and 58% of Democrats say they have little or no trust in big techs to act in their users’ best interest.

The poll showed that 53% of Americans currently say the federal government should increase its regulation of Facebook. In comparison, 11% say the government should decrease its regulation of the platform, and 35% say that it should not change.

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