With Washington political theater in full swing, Hatch Act Part II unfolds with master of ceremonies House Oversight Democratic Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) addressing Kelly Anne Conway in absentia and yielding to a flurry of explanations from the main character Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio who cut to the chase about what’s really going on with the partisan narrative and reasons for the no show.

Cummings said, “We are convening for part two of our full committee hearing on violations of the Hatch Act under the Trump administration to hear testimony from Miss Kelly Anne Conway. … With that I yield to the distinguished ranking member Mr. Jordan.”

Jordan said, “This hearing today is solely for the purpose of creating theater political theater and advancing your partisan narrative about the administration. Mr. chairman you’ve said the administration is engaged in a cover-up from the top on all the investigations. What you fail to say however is this administration has produced over a hundred and ten thousand pages of documents to this committee and made available all kinds of witnesses for transcribed interviews. With the sort of rhetoric you have been using about the administration, do you really think Miss Conway thought she’d get a fair hearing here today? I don’t think anyone is surprised that Miss Conway decided to spend her afternoon doing her job on behalf of the American taxpayers. Rather than subjecting herself to a classic Washington political theater committee hearing.”


Describing the hearing as pure politics orchestrated by a left-wing advocacy organization to silence one of the president’s top advisers, Jordon points out that CREW or the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington was founded by Norm Eisen who was hired by Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) to manage impeachment operations for the House Judiciary Committee. They filed the complaint and the Office of Special Counsel deep in the swamp produced the outrageous and unprecedented report.

Jordan said, “They targeted Miss Conway, not because it was looking to clean up the government. They targeted Miss Conway because she’s effective, she’s effective at holding the press accountable, cutting through the noise to explain President Trump’s successes and his vision for our country. CREW knows that attacking a high-profile member of the president’s team will get them headlines. Help them raise money cause the administration to spend time and resources responding. CREW filed the complaint with the Office of Special Counsel and the bureaucrats at OSC we’re more than happy to run with it. The report produced about Kelly Ann Conway was outrageous and unprecedented.”

By providing the details of the items flagged in the report as problematic, Jordon exposed a Democratic political theater that’s both ridiculously comical and at the same somewhat disturbing given Conway’s responsibility as a media surrogate with First Amendment rights of her own.

Jordan said, “The items OSC flagged as problematic are ridiculous. Miss Conway said that Vice President Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders are two old white career politicians. She said Senator Warren was lying about her ethnicity in appropriating somebody else’s heritage. She suggested that (former) Congressman (Beta) O’Rourke does not think that women running are good enough to be President and she said that Senator Bernie Sanders has ideas that are quote ‘terrible for America’ Frankly, I think a lot of Americans would agree with Miss Conway statements but whether you agree or disagree with those statements it does not change the fact that they are miss Conway’s honest opinions and she has every right to share our opinions… Let’s be clear. Miss Conway’s job is to advise the President and serve as a media surrogate to keep the American people apprised of the administration’s views and actions. This role is necessarily political and involves her answering questions about the state of politics in America suggests that in carrying out her duties she ran afoul of the law is an attack on her First Amendment liberties.”

Includes reporting from HouseOversite.gov.

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