The recently released annual report by the Major Cities Chiefs Association summarized the extreme violence during the summer of 2020. It erupted hundreds of times during leftist protests in America’s largest cities, causing injuries to thousands of police, thousands of businesses looted, buildings burned, insecurity and panic in the streets. And in spite of this, liberal sectors linked to the Democratic Party still claim that the police forces must be defunded. 

The thousands of protests that took place during the summer in the name of social justice and racial equality after the death of George Floyd, had a common factor throughout the country, their violent end. 

The far-left Black Lives Matter (BLM) and antifa movements were the main organizers of the protests, and although their marches ended hundreds of times with looting, people killed and injured, buildings and cars burned, they never wrote a public message repudiating violence. This clearly demonstrates their intention to destabilize laws and democracy. 

“The sheer volume of protests,” the report explains, “combined with the level of civil disobedience and existence of some ultra-violent events, created an extraordinarily challenging environment for law enforcement agencies.”

It is clearly difficult to enforce the law if a section of the political leadership, far from pursuing violent movements, supports them and promotes the underfunding of the police force

The report provides concrete data that 72% of police agencies saw officers injured between May and July, totaling more than 2,000 severely injured police officers in that period. They also announced 97 police cars burned to the ground.

The protests resulted in more than 16,000 arrests, including 2,735 for serious crimes. But most agencies reported that their local district attorneys refused to prosecute the protesters, even those involved in serious crimes.

In addition, money invested in bail funds across the country by left-wing millionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg allowed many of those temporarily incarcerated to be released, allowing them to attend upcoming protests and reoffend.

At the same time, crime and homicides in areas far from the protests increased significantly due to the lack of control and police response because they were concentrated in the “hot zones.” 

On several occasions, police authorities, businessmen and neighbors who were victims of violence in Democratic states have addressed political representatives, including Joe Biden himself, hoping they will intercede by condemning and attacking violent organizations such as the BLM and antifa. Unfortunately, they never found an answer.

The vice president of the National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), Joe Gamaldi, demanded that the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden be clear about what he thinks of the violent far left group, antifa.

In an interview with Fox News, Gamaldi recalled that Biden called antifa just “an idea” during the debate with President Donald Trump last month.

“Vice President Biden said antifa is an idea. Well, excuse me, but ideas don’t throw bricks at officers’ heads. Nor do they hit officers in the head with baseball bats, nor do they throw Molotov cocktails and do not attempt to murder police officers,” he added. 

On the contrary, President Trump repeatedly affirmed his commitment to fight the criminal association antifa, even mentioning the possibility of incorporating it as a terrorist group.

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