Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo invited fired officers in departments that suffered defunding by their governors to come work in his district. The offer was made in a speech during a police academy graduation ceremony Monday, Aug. 17.

“People of Houston, they don’t want less policing, they want better policing and well-trained police officers,” said Acevedo.

While many Democratic local governments, in different parts of the country, have considered cutting budgets and withdrawing funds from departments to reform the police, Acevedo noted Houston’s decision to hire more personnel. He wants to implement a new program that will make it easier for officers from other states to take positions on Houston’s force.

“I will just say to police officers in Austin, and the good police officers across the country, come to Houston,” Acevedo said.

According to Fox News, Houston officials recently approved five new academy classes that will add approximately 400 new future police officers to the city’s department.

Last week, Austin, Texas, City Council voted unanimously to cut the Austin Police Department’s approximately $150 million budget by approximately one-third. Last month, New York City also decided to make a major budget cut.

Acevedo said, “I think it’s ridiculous when you make decisions that are knee-jerk political decisions that are not based on evidence, not based on research,” said Acevedo. “It ends up impacting the safety of American people.”

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said at a press conference, “People want policing that is sound, accountable, and respectful. (…) They want public safety. In this city we have about 5,300 police officers, and we’ve always said that we need at least 600 more.”

Acevedo said they are working on a new program that would facilitate the transfer of services to Houston for qualified police officers from other states. This program could include a 10-week academic course, instead of the usual six months.

Increasingly, critics of leftist proposals to defund police argue that they could generate crime spikes. In fact, some cities, including New York, which has announced cuts in its police budget, are already experiencing a major expansion of crime.

Former NYPD Lt. Dr. Darrin Porcher claims that the $1 billion cut to the city’s police forces, coupled with political apathy to resolve the issue, is causing the obvious result of public insecurity that the city is experiencing today, according to FOX5NewYork.


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