Sean Houle, the police officer in North Carolina who miraculously survived multiple gunshots from a suspect ten months ago, has decided to resign from his position due to his health condition.

The Kernersville Police Department has allowed a K9 dog to follow him as a companion, Fox8 reported.

In February, when the officer was on duty and in the process of arresting an individual outside an apartment complex, the suspect reversed the situation, firing three shots at him, including one at his face.

The injuries, fortunately, have not taken his life, but his condition was critical. Severe wounds in the head, neck, and hand have forced the 22-years-old officer to endure emergency surgery, and it has taken him a great deal of time to recover.

His doctor said the bullet wound Houle got caused a rare style of injury, which he called a “unicorn-style” injury, Fox 8 reported.

According to the doctor, Houle had lost enough blood from his injuries to have died three separate times, making his remarkable survival to be believed as a miracle thanks to a lot of prayers and even divine intervention.

Houle has finally recovered with the help and support from his family, fundraisers, and many others.

Sean Houle (L) came back to say “thank you” to his doctors on June 25, 2021. (WFMY News 2/Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

Nevertheless, the young police officer has made a difficult decision to leave his position at year-end due to his medical condition, based on his doctor’s recommendation. 

Beyond Houle’s expectation, and to his great surprise, the department will not let him leave the office alone, but with a four-legged companion, a K9 named Jax. 

“The department has been incredible,” he said. “So I get to keep my buddy, my dog. That’s a big deal for me.”

Houle believed God had changed his plan, with a new route waiting for him. 

“God’s redirecting my life … I was on a certain path up until that night, and he’s taken what happened and he’s redirected my path a little bit and you know what that’s okay because I’m still here, and I hope I can be an encouragement and a blessing to folks moving forward.” 

This Thanksgiving, Houle publicly expressed his gratitude in a post on Houle Strong to medical professionals who cared for him.

“As we prepare for Thanksgiving, I think about how thankful I am for these amazing people,” Western Journal said, citing Houle.

He demonstrated his sincere belief in God, who has managed to “place these amazing, courageous, and brilliant people” in his path along with many others as well. 

“We are so blessed to have such an incredible hospital in our community, staffed with the best of the best! Most importantly; so thankful for the King of Kings and Master of it all! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!!!!!,” Houle added. 

The police officer did not forget to express his gratitude for being still alive after all and hanging out with his beloved people.

“The fact that God has blessed me with the ability to be here with my family and friends and enjoy this Thanksgiving, and what it truly means—truly being thankful, not just the great food, not just the fun and the games but truly being thankful for each other.” 

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