The multinational abortion company, Planned Parenthood, filed a lawsuit Monday in Yellowstone County District Court against the state of Montana, arguing that four laws enacted by the governor are unconstitutional, according to Breitbart News.

The state legislature passed and promoted these four pro-life laws put up by Republican Governor Greg Gianforte, generating a backlash from Planned Parenthood.

According to the lawsuit, these laws seek to undermine Montana citizens’ access to “safe” and constitutional abortion.

Senator Steve Daines is founder and chairman of the Senate Pro-Life Caucus and spoke out against the multinational abortion company’s lawsuit, Breitbart News reported.

Daines said, “This lawsuit attempts to force an extreme abortion agenda on Montana.

“It is despicable that Planned Parenthood is seeking to undo the Montana legislature’s life-saving laws that prevent barbaric late-term abortions on babies who can feel pain, taxpayer funding for abortion, and reckless do-it-yourself abortions by mail.

“This is yet another example of how the abortion industry puts profits over patients, ignores science, and weaponizes the Courts to thwart the will of Montana voters.”

According to a Planned Parenthood press release, the lawsuit seeks court intervention before the four laws take effect on Oct. 1 of this year,

These are the four laws

HB 136: bans abortions after the fifth month, or 20 weeks, where, according to scientists, unborn children can feel pain;

HB 140: abortion providers must offer patients an ultrasound before terminating a pregnancy;

HB 171: abortion-inducing drugs must be administered in person and cannot be administered through a phone call;

HB 229: prohibits insurance plans from covering abortions.

In a statement, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America said that until the current governor’s arrival, Montana’s anti-abortion laws were blocked and that Gianforte is putting his beliefs ahead of the “needs” of constituents.

The statement said, “For years, dangerous laws in Montana that would restrict access to abortion have been successfully blocked.

“Now, Gov. Gianforte has put his personal beliefs over the needs of his constituents and has signed into law harmful bills that make abortion inaccessible.

“These laws are designed to create more barriers for Montanans seeking access to essential health care. Unfortunately, instead of advocating for expanded access to health care services, Montana legislators have focused their attention on attacking abortion.

“That’s why we are going to court to protect our patients’ access to abortion in Montana and across the country.”

Planned Parenthood of Montana President and CEO Martha Stahl also spoke out, stating that these laws seek to block access to abortion, “The laws we’re challenging today would have the greatest impact on people in rural areas, Native women, people with low incomes, and those facing barriers to travel.

“It is absolutely dishonest to claim, as some legislators have, that these laws make patients any more safe than they already are under the care of skilled reproductive health providers.

“While the laws create various restrictions, they all share the same ultimate goal: outlawing safe, legal, constitutionally-protected abortion entirely and creating unnecessary barriers to health care.

“Rest assured our doors remain open and we will never stop fighting to protect access to health care and ensure its affordability because access doesn’t mean anything if folks can’t afford it.”

As Planned Parenthood states in their press release, there are nearly 600 anti-abortion bills filed this year, 90 of which have already been enacted, and they fear for what may happen to abortion access and “some states are already preparing for what a world without Roe v. Wade could look like.”