The CEO of the international abortionist, Planned Parenthood, wrote an editorial in the New York Times on April 20 admitting and disavowing the eugenic mission of its founder Margaret Sanger but promising no real change.

In an attempt to shed its perverse origins, Alexis McGill Jonhson, CEO of Planned Parenthood, wrote an editorial in the discredited New York Times, partially admitting that its founder, Margaret Sanger, intended to eliminate “unfit” races through ‘birth control.’

“By privileging whiteness, we’ve contributed to America harming Black women and other women of color,” the CEO said and admitted “responsibility for the harm that Sanger caused to generations of people with disabilities and Black, Latino, Asian-American, and Indigenous people.”

Sanger was no mere racist; her inhuman and perverse vision can be compared to that of the genocidal Adolf Hitler, who also implemented eugenics by eliminating those he considered ‘inferior’ or ‘unfit.’

McGill recalled that Sanger participated in a human experiment to test the first abortion pills.

“The first human trials of the birth control pill—a project that was Sanger’s passion later in her life—were conducted with her backing in Puerto Rico, whereas many as 1,500 women were not told that the drug was experimental or that they might experience dangerous side effects,” the Planned Parenthood CEO wrote.

The ‘evolution’ of those pills is now misoprostol and mifepristone marketed by the abortionist to kill babies in the woman’s uterus and then generate contractions to expel it. What a ‘passion’ Sanger had.

“We will no longer make excuses or apologize for Margaret Sanger’s actions. But we can’t simply call her racist, scrub her from our history, and move on,” the clinic’s president said in her op-ed.

However, no matter how much the abortionist tries to shed Sanger’s racist and diabolical past, today, its practices continue the same legacy.

According to, 86% of its abortion centers are located in or near African-American and Latino neighborhoods.

While to the world, it presents itself as an advocate for women’s supposed ‘reproductive rights’ and hails providing reproductive health care, Planned Parenthood performs 41% of abortions nationwide. Last year, it recorded 350,000 abortions, far from having any interest in women’s health.

“Whether our founder was a racist is not a simple yes or no question. Our reckoning is understanding her full legacy and its impact. Our reckoning is the work that comes next,” McGill Jonhson concluded in her editorial.

Absent from her words is a commitment to stop killing unborn babies, especially black babies, which in many liberal states are more aborted than born, just like the dream of the perverse Margaret Sanger.

In fact, with the pro-abortion Biden-Harris duo in the White House, the Planned Parenthood executives began moving again to receive federal funds to use for abortions under Title X family planning, something that former President Trump had succeeded in stopping.

For conservatives who follow the news and have researched the issue, McGills Johnson’s statements are not news or something to be surprised about.

But for those people who use the mainstream media as a news source, especially for the African American population in the United States who use Planned Parenthood’s ‘services, this weak admission should be enough to eternally condemn the clinic for reducing the black population using the guise of ‘birth control.’

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