The Independence Police Department in Missouri is looking for the boy in a photo that is getting a lot of attention on social media. Officer Joe Holt took it and said he was helping an elderly woman in the rain.

Holt stopped to get a bite to eat at the Hy-Vee located near 45th and Noland Road.

“So today I experienced something that actually set me back a little,” Holt wrote on a Facebook post. “It didn’t set me back because I was shocked but because I got to witness it first hand.”

Holt said a teenager exited the backseat of the van he was in while it was pouring down rain, took off his own coat, and protected an elderly female struggling to get to her car in the parking lot of a grocery store.

Holt said the boy then walked back to his car without saying a word to his mom or aunt in the vehicle.

“I was just totally thrilled by it,” Holt said. “I couldn’t let it go unnoticed.”

Holt followed the boy to his mom’s van where he described what her son had just done.

“She started tearing up, because I was a cop and took time out of my day to call him out on what I witnessed,” Holt said. “I told this young man I was impressed and he should be proud because I was.”

Holt posted the photo to Facebook and it has gone viral.

“He’s the hero. I’m just the photographer in this situation,” Holt said. “So it’s wherever he wants to go. It’s on my dime. So he can pick.”

Holt is hoping the boy reaches out to him with the police department for a free dinner and good conversation with officers.

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