On Wednesday, the Pentagon announced that 1,000 Texas national guards and 1,100 other troops will be sent to the southern border with Mexico, increasing the number of military personnel on the southwestern border by 45%.

According to VOA, the Pentagon spokesman, Major Chris Mitchell said in a statement that the Acting Defense Secretary Richard Spencer approved last Tuesday night the sending of additional troops, who will also provide operational, logistical and air support.

Mitchell said the increase in active-duty forces is required due to a current “shortfall in volunteer National Guard personnel,” who are in charge of the same functions, Politico said.

He also said approximately 250 of the troops sent from the Texas National Guard will assist civilian law enforcement authorities at Texas ports of entry and airports. The other 750 troops will assist customs and border protection personnel at two “temporary adult migrant holding facilities.”

Active efforts to increase the number of forces on the border are backed by the government of President Donald Trump as a measure to stop illegal immigration while arranging the border wall issue.

The new arrivals add to the 4,500 servicemen of the National Guard on the border with Mexico. On the other hand, as part of the requests and agreements made by the Trump administration to stop immigration, last month Mexico also announced the sending of 1,500 troops to the border.

The recent deployment of troops announced by the U.S. government comes days after the Trump administration decreed a new law restricting the entry of immigrants into the country, pointing out that only those who have been denied asylum in a third country other than their own will be able to ask the U. S. for asylum.

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