Government officials, journalists, and lawyers called for the resignation of District Attorney Josh Shapiro (D) of Pennsylvania after his controversial comments that Trump would not win the election in his state after all the ballots were counted, Breitbart reported.

Shapiro tweeted:

The prosecutor’s partisan comments drew criticism from his colleagues.

When President Trump established a clear lead in Pennsylvania, Gov. Wolf (D) suddenly found 3 million uncounted ballots. That’s the amount Biden needs to beat Trump, who leads by almost that much.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Heather Heidelbaugh (R) asked that Shapiro step aside from the voting process.

In another instance, the attorney general suggested that voters contact the Democrats for help with the election, publicly displaying once again partisanship that does not correspond to his role as prosecutor.

“Do you need help with mail voting, where to vote, or anything else? Call the voter assistance line @PADems (Pennsylvania Democrats). Someone will answer and help you. Call 1-833-PA-VOTES”

Adriana Cohen, a journalist, wrote on her Twitter account in response to Gov. Wolf’s announcement that the total vote count would not be known yet.

Benny from Turning Point USA, a conservative student organization, complained:

Brigitte Gabriel, a national security expert, tweeted:

Jordan Schachtel, an investigative journalist, said:

Not only in Pennsylvania—Democrats in Michigan and Wisconsin managed to suddenly “find” hundreds of thousands of ballots—all for Biden—which does not fit the logic of elections.

If the race in one place is very close, it is not normal for ballots to suddenly turn up for a single candidate.

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