Eva Sharpless, who was born during the administration of President William Howard Taft and has lived through 14 presidents, celebrated her 109th birthday on Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020.

“I had a very wonderful and happy life,” Sharpless said. “I had my husband and in my heart, I loved him so much. Then I had children and grandchildren. I’m very contented.”

Her family got together to host a big party with balloons and Sharpless’s favorite flavor on her cake-butter pecan ice cream for the birthday girl, according to WNEP.

Sharpless was married for 60 years and has lived in the same house for 86 years, The Citizens’ Voice reported.

Her husband, Samuel Sharpless invented a machine to resurface bowling lanes, she said. At one time, the machine was responsible for sanding 80 percent of the world’s bowling lanes.

Sharpless shared her secret to longevity includes never drinking or smoking and taking vitamin C every day.

“I don’t smoke, don’t drink and try to be happy every day and don’t hurt nobody,” Sharpless said.

Let’s wish this woman a very happy 109th birthday.

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