President Trump’s campaign attorneys will face the federal court in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Tuesday, to argue why state officials should not certify the election result.

According to Just The News, U.S. Middle District Judge Matthew Brann told the parties to “be prepared for argument and questioning” today at the Williamsport federal courthouse

The parties involved in the hearings are the president’s campaign attorneys, representatives of the counties involved, and a state election official. 

Trump’s attorneys will argue that irregularities in the voting process disregarded Americans’ rights in some counties, violating their constitutional rights to due process and equal protection by allowing different standards for citizens to cast their votes. 

Some Pennsylvania counties allowed voters to amend somehow defective ballots, while voters in other counties did not have the same prerogative. 

Interestingly,’ the favored voters were those in heavily Democratic counties, a fact also noted in the Trump Campaign lawyers’ lawsuit. 

Democratic lawyers are trying to minimize and trivialize these facts.

The president’s commitment is to provide citizens with the transparency expected from such an important election process, yet research shows a very murky environment characterized by large-scale fraud. 

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar (D) altered the election procedure on Nov. 1 and again on Nov. 2, creating chaos in the counties.

These interventions prompted Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman and Senator Joe Scarnati to demand Boockvar’s immediate resignation.

Kathy Boockvar must resign as Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State after these latest efforts to weaken the state’s voting system and damage the integrity of and confidence in our elections,” the senators wrote in their statement.  

But it appears that these abnormal incidents are a minor attack on the U.S. electoral process’s integrity.

Major fraud committed by the Dominion Voting System machine operators is blamed for President Trump’s loss of millions of votes. 

OANN published that had it not been for those interferences, the actual results would have shown 410 electoral votes for Trump, and only 128 for Biden. 

This is how it was tweeted by the user @cajungal62 citing OAN as the source.

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