The Third Circuit Court of Appeals approved an urgent review of a lower court’s rejection of the Trump campaign’s petition to stop the certification of the election in Pennsylvania.

The legal team will have only a few hours to file a brief on the case, when most counties in the state are expected to certify their results today, Nov. 23, Fox News reported

Attorney Jenna Ellis shared this legal achievement on her Twitter account. 

“NEW: Third Circuit Court of Appeals grants expedited review for Team Trump’s appeal from Pennsylvania,” Ellis wrote.

In requesting a halt to certification, President Trump’s lawyers argued that while in Democratic-majority counties voters had been allowed to correct their ballots, Republicans were not given that option.

As a result, the state violated the guarantee of equal protection under the Constitution. 

Judge Matthew Brann’s decision in dismissing the Trump campaign’s claim at the lower level was uncompromising.

“Plaintiffs ask this court to disenfranchise almost seven million voters,” Brann said, according to Fox News. 

“This court has been unable to find any case in which a plaintiff has sought such a drastic remedy in the contest of an election, in terms of the sheer volume of votes asked to be invalidated,” he added.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals granted the Trump campaign until 4 p.m. local time on Nov. 23 to file a brief reversing Judge Brann’s decision. 

Trump’s campaign legal team asked the Third Circuit to send the case to the lower court to review the merits and proceed quickly to a final settlement.

In addition, Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar has until the same time on Nov. 24, to respond.

The counting of the votes and the electoral process itself has been very controversial, peppered with multiple indications of fraud that muddy it.

As with other states, the legal team of President Trump is determined to defend the right of Americans to obtain transparency in elections and to have their will respected.

It is expected that in a few days, new and even stronger legal processes will be presented, after which re-election would be the immediate consequence. 


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