Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court will determine whether to exclude from the vote count 8,000 flawed ballots awarded to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The Trump Campaign argued that errors such as the lack of the voter’s name, address, or date on the outside of the return envelopes violated the requirements for valid votes, and they should not be accepted, according to Bloomberg on Nov. 18. 

These ballots were received in Philadelphia, where a judge had already dismissed their disqualification in the first instance. 

To speed up the process, the Supreme Court would use emergency jurisdiction.

Although Biden has an 80,000-vote lead so far, the election process is far from over. 

The Trump Campaign has proposed several alternatives to the irregularities it has detected. On the one hand, it states that about 70,000 ballots were misfiled and should not be counted.

On the other hand, in Pennsylvania’s counties with the largest number of Democratic voters, Democrats were allowed to correct errors in filling out the ballots. Still, voters in predominantly Republican counties were not given that opportunity, which is considered a violation of their rights. 

Half a dozen counties also violated state law and did not allow Republican observers to monitor votes’ distribution at the vote-counting tables closely. 

In light of so many errors and omissions, it should be up to the state Congress to define who the winner of the state’s electoral votes is and that Pennsylvania election officials should ignore ballot count numbers.

Other data causing discomfort in the middle of the electoral process is that out of 2,614,011 votes, only 951 were rejected for not complying with the ballot by mail requirements; equivalent to 0.003 percent, which would imply that election officials received far fewer poorly completed ballots. 

According to Just the News, that amounts to a massive increase in the acceptance of misfiled ballots than were received for previous elections.

Despite the large number of irregularities observed in several states, President Trump is adamant that Americans only want his re-election. More revelations of massive fraud are in the pipeline. 

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