Judge Amy Coney Barrett, whom President Donald Trump nominated to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg upon her death, has faced attacks from Democrats and the press since 2017.

 Since Barrett was debated in confirmation hearings, before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2017, she has experienced the aggression directed mainly against her Catholic faith, considered by her critics unable to exercise the duties of a judge, according to The Daily Caller of Sept. 26. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) considered on Sept. 26 that Barrett could be a threat to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as “Obamacare.”

When the attacks were renewed, many Catholic, Christian, and Pentecostal African American leaders came to Barrett’s defense, signing a letter in which they described the attacks as religious intolerance. 

“The attacks on her Christian beliefs and her membership in a charismatic Christian community reflect rank religious bigotry that has no legitimate place in our political debates or public life,” they stated in their letter.

They also strongly condemned the attacks and demand that they stop. “We condemn these vile attacks, which began three years ago during the process of your confirmation for the judicial office you now hold,” the letter reads.

“As descendants of slaves, we are particularly sensitive to acts of discrimination and demand an end to this reprehensible behavior,” they added.

Barrett, when asked about her religion in 2017 by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) if she considered herself an “orthodox Catholic,” she replied as follows, “If you’re asking whether I’m a faithful Catholic, I am, although I would stress that my own personal church affiliation or my religious belief would not bear on the discharge of my duties as a judge.” 

She was also attacked for adopting two of her seven children, Vivian and John Peter, from Haiti.

Barrett described them this way in 2017, “Vivian was born in Haiti, and she came home when she was 14 months old, and she weighed 11 pounds, and she was so weak we were told she might never walk normally or speak.

She added, “Today Vivian is a star athlete, and I assure you she has no problem talking.”

About John Peter, she said, “He joined our family in 2010 when he was three years old after the devastating earthquake in Haiti.”

President Donald Trump considered Judge Barrett to serve on the Supreme Court to fill the vacancy left by Justice Anthony Kennedy in 2018, but he decided on Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

President Trump said in 2019, referring to Barrett, “I’m saving her for Ginsburg.”

It is now up to the Senate to approve Barrett’s nomination, and if the vote is favorable, it would increase the number of conservative justices on the Supreme Court to six, compared to three progressives.