As Iran clearly threatens American interests with an unprovoked attack on a U.S. surveillance drone on Wednesday, June 19, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed to honor the responsibility to protect the American people while at the same time demonstrating illusions about ISIS claiming the United States lost credibility over the nuclear deal and implied existing sanctions will curb Iran’s bad behavior.

Speaker Pelosi said, “And again our responsibility is to protect and defend our Constitution, the American people, our country. That’s our first responsibility. That’s what we will honor. But let’s get, let us get the facts. As to how we got to this place, I don’t want to make any characterizations about it but I will say that we’ve started to lose credibility on the subject when walked away from the nuclear, the Iran nuclear agreement. There’s nobody who has any illusions about Iran, their bad behavior in terms of who they support in the region, their spreading of ballistic missiles and we have sanctions on all of that.”||15d2d645b__

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On May 8 2018, President Donald Trump officially withdrew the United States from the nuclear deal with Iran saying the United States would “not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail” and will not allow a regime that chants “death to America” to get nuclear weapons. At the time, there was a May 12, 2018, deadline imposed by Congress that required the president to confirm Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal, which determined if sanctions against Tehran would continue to be suspended. Even though the U.N. inspectors at the IAEA, the U.S. State Department, the Department of Defense, and the CIA all said that Iran was in compliance, the president signed a presidential order that will hopefully prevent the world’s leading state sponsor of terror from acquiring the world’s most dangerous weapon.

Includes reporting from FoxNews and the Associated Press