After protracted negotiations, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is still preventing Americans from receiving the Trump administration’s financial assistance to alleviate their financial concerns.

According to the election campaign of President Donald Trump, Pelosi’s intention is for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to win the election even if it means citizens’ suffering, according to one of his Oct. 20 tweets.

“Nancy Pelosi is blocking legislation to provide financial assistance to Americans. Pelosi expects workers to lose their jobs,” wrote the campaign’s war room.

“Pelosi believes it will help the Democrats win the election. … Prove her wrong,” he added.

For the advisory team of U.S. political commentator Sean Hannity, Pelosi’s decision not to allow the economic aid delivery is a plot.

Meanwhile, talks continue between U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Pelosi. There will be a vote in the Senate on Oct. 21 on this issue, but the chances of it passing seem remote.

For Republicans, Pelosi wants to deny President Trump a political victory just before the election.

“She fears the American public will get a check, she fears the president will get some credit, instead of helping the American public in this time of need,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

For attorney and political commentator Madison Gesiotto, economic relief has not reached citizens due to Pelosi’s manipulation.

“When it comes to these stimulus checks, however, it’s very, very simple: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding them hostage,” Gesiotto said, according to the Townhall.

Pelosi wants to include in the figure for aid to Americans hundreds of billions of dollars to cover the deficits accumulated by Democratic governors in the states where they are in charge.

“The Democrats’ bill includes millions of dollars to get juvenile offenders out of custody, money to expand banking options for marijuana businesses, and millions more to establish local databases to track ‘hate crimes,'” Gesiotto expanded in her Townhall article.

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